Elementor Page Builder

Before we explain our reasons for choosing Elementor, we should probably explain why WordPress websites need a page builder.

Elementor Page Builder

Why do we need a Page Builder?

Most WordPress themes come with layout variations, or the option to have a simple ‘sidebar’. There is no option to allow multiple columns of content for example. The built-in text editor is capable of handling multiple columns, and more complicated layouts, but only if the user knows HTML. Page builders allow end-users to be able to create complex layouts, even if they’re are not a code monkey!

Why Elementor?

We have worked with different WordPress page builders for years. Often becoming frustrated that simple changes became more difficult than they were with the default WordPress editor. That’s because the editing process is so far removed from the content on the page! The process often works like this:

  1. Load the page builder for the page with the required edits.
  2. Find the section that needs editing. The required section may look very different in the page builder.
  3. Make the desired edit.
  4. Save the page
  5. Reload the live page.
  6. On viewing the page, decide that the edit doesn’t look quite right.
  7. Return to step #1 as many times as required.

So we wanted a powerful page builder with minimum abstraction from the on-page content. We researched and tested lots of page builders, and found that they came with one or more of the following issues:

  1. They slowed the whole website down
  2. Simple edits could be more difficult than the built-in editor
  3. Your website content became ‘locked’ to that page builder. If you remove the page builder your content became a jumbled mess.
  4. The page builder screen did not resemble the page being edited.

Elementor went close to passing all the above criteria. We are still not happy with the overhead that Elementor brings, but that’s because we’re obsessed with website efficiency. Apart from that, Elementor ticks all the boxes and brings some powerful features like instant pages from templates. This feature has been copied, probably from Beaver Builder but we thought Elementor’s implementation was easier to use and more flexible.

Elementor, is much more extensible than other page builders, allowing us to add custom blocks as required by clients. A huge bonus for Mousebuilt clients is that if ever you decide to move away, most of the functionality of Elementor plugin is freely available, so you’ll have your site up and running with another host as quickly as possible.

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