Good evening genius!

You used the word fast when searching for a web developer.

Less than 1 in 1,000 “web design” related searches use that word, even though Google has ranked fast websites higher since 2010.

Unfortunately, many website buyers still pay thousands of dollars for slow loading websites. That needs to change.

Fastest WordPress

At Mousebuilt, we only build WordPress websites. Actually, the world’s fastest WordPress websites, right here in Australia.


$199 for a simple one-page website up to around $599 for a bigger site or an E-commerce site. Of course, the sky is the limit depending on your requirements. Get a customised instant quote.

$59/month for all-inclusive hosting with:

  • Fast managed VPS hosting (value: $60/m)
  • Elementor PRO page builder (value: $5/m)
  • Security updates (value: $60/m)
  • SSL security certificate (value: $20/m)
  • Domain hosting (
  • Email redirection ( – value: $5/m)
  • Site support & Hosting support
  • Professional plugin installation.

More details.

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