Cheap Websites

You may have received quotes for $3,000 to $5,000 to build a basic WordPress website and wondered why it was so expensive.

Building websites can be time consuming. In fact,  we found that 78% of tasks completed when building a website are repetitive.

  1. Pointing the domain at the server
  2. Upload client logo
  3. Change theme colours to client specifications
  4. Lay out the website to client specifications
  5. Manually add supplied content
  1. Preparing the server for the new website
  2. Buying a domain
  3. Buying an SSL certificate
  4. Setting up the SSL certificate on the server
  5. Creating a new database
  6. Uploading WordPress or other Content Management System (CMS)
  7. Configure CMS to point to the new database
  8. Install CMS
  9. Select and install required theme
  10. Install Page Builder plugin
  11. Install SEO plugin
  12. Install Contact Form plugin
  13. Install Map plugin
  14. Install other required plugins
  15. Test on different devices
  16. Test on different browsers
  17. Test that the contact form works
  18. Test other functionality


Other Web Developers Mousebuilt
Cost to build a basic WordPress website $3,000 - $5,000 $249 - $750
Server location Australia or USA Sydney
Hosting Cost $20 - $90 per month $79/month (or DIY hosting $29/month)
Plugin & theme upgrades $200/hour included in hosting
Security upgrades $200/hour included in hosting
SSL Certificate $300 per year included in hosting
Website Support $200/hour included in all hosting packages except DIY
Hosting Support $200/hour included in all hosting packages except DIY
Mobile responsive
90+ score in Google Page Speed
Free SSL (Security) Certificate
Unlimited lifetime support (except DIY hosting)
Money back guarantee
Hosting Shared hosting: Your site shares a server with hundreds, or thousands of other websites. You have no way of knowing who runs the other sites, who has server-level access or what security procedures the other sites have in place. VPS - managed: Your site runs on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), shared only with other Mousebuilt websites. All websites are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches and backed up regularly
Who can access files on the server? Anybody with login details, including every website owner and anyone they have passed details on to. Only Mousebuilt staff
Total cost over 1 year
With 1 hour per quarter of:
website support, hosting support and software upgrades.
$5,900 - $8,300 $597 - $1,698
Total cost over 3 years
With 1 hour per quarter of:
website support, hosting support and software upgrades.
$9,420 - $13,940 $1,293 - $3,594

We’ve spent hundreds of development hours automating or simplifying most repetitive tasks involved in building a website. Mousebuilt websites load faster and are built faster, in Australia at a drastically reduced cost.