World's Fastest WordPress Websites

Update: 10 April, 2018
Google constantly changes the goalposts, so we regularly update these figures.

We spent many many hours obsessively optimising WordPress. One day we happened to notice that Mousebuilt sites are, ahem…

The Fastest Loading WordPress Websites In The World!

We didn’t believe it either.

To justify the claim, we went looking for the fastest loading WordPress sites in the following categories:

  1. World’s fastest caching plugins
  2. World’s fastest premium WordPress hosts
  3. High profile (big budget) websites that use WordPress

 We tested with the industry standard Google PageSpeed Insights, comparing optimisation scores in the above categories.

We still haven’t found a faster WordPress website than the one we will build for you. If you find a faster WordPress website, please let us know.

Caching Plugins

Caching plugins are designed to make WordPress load as fast as possible. This list from WP Dev Shed tests every major WordPress caching plugin used on a real world web page.

Here are the results:

Slowest (Mobile) 40
Slowest (Desktop) 51
Average (Mobile) 44.7
Average (Desktop) 55.6
Fastest (Mobile) 74
Fastest (Desktop) 80
Mousebuilt (Desktop & Mobile) 91

The Fastest Premium WordPress Hosts are frankly, one of the very few web hosting review sites that can be trusted. They recently speed-tested some of the world’s biggest WordPress hosts in six categories. We went straight to the premium category ($500+ USD / month) and tested the host’s home page.

We haven’t named these hosts, but you can look them up in the Review Signal article and test them yourself at Google PageSpeed Insights.

This WordPress host has hosting packages for $5,400 USD / month, as well as lower priced options. Their home page scores:

Mobile 90
Desktop 85
Mousebuilt speed (Desktop & Mobile) 91

This host has packages from $5,000 USD / month. Their home page scores:

Mobile 73
Desktop 84
Mousebuilt speed (Desktop & Mobile) 91

This host has packages for $2,600 USD / month, as well as lower priced options. Their home page scores:

Mobile 85
Desktop 70
Mousebuilt speed (Desktop & Mobile) 91

Premium hosting packages for $1,600 USD / month, as well as lower priced options. Their home page scores:

Mobile 56
Desktop 62
Mousebuilt speed (Desktop & Mobile) 91

High Profile WordPress Sites

These companies have large budgets and a dedicated team working on their website, so you would expect them to be some of the fastest WordPress websites around. Home page scores:

Mobile 66
Desktop 55
Mousebuilt speed (Desktop & Mobile) 91 Home page scores:

Mobile 73
Desktop 70
Mousebuilt speed (Desktop & Mobile) 91 page scores:

Mobile 86
Desktop 57
Mousebuilt speed (Desktop & Mobile) 91 home page scores:

Mobile 72
Desktop 47
Mousebuilt speed (Desktop & Mobile) 91

The Real World

We Googled: “sydney wordpress web design” then did the same for all state capitals. Then visited the portfolio page of the first organic search result, picked the first client then tested their page speed. Don’t forget footy fans, this isn’t some state vs state grudge match, it simply gives an idea of what you can expect from some of the top ranked WordPress design companies.

Sydney WordPress Web Design

Mobile 56
Desktop 33
Mousebuilt (Desktop & Mobile) 91

Brisbane WordPress Web Design

Mobile 49
Desktop 16
Mousebuilt (Desktop & Mobile) 91

Melbourne WordPress Web Design

Mobile 55
Desktop 48
Mousebuilt (Desktop & Mobile) 91

Perth WordPress Web Design

Mobile 53
Desktop 28
Mousebuilt (Desktop & Mobile) 91

Adelaide WordPress Web Design

Mobile 73
Desktop 66
Mousebuilt (Desktop & Mobile) 91

Hobart WordPress Web Design

Mobile 62
Desktop 25
Mousebuilt (Desktop & Mobile) 91

Still not convinced?

Fair enough, we would be skeptical too. Please, go and have a look for yourself. Do some Googling and test the results at Google PageSpeed Insights. Please get in contact if you find any faster WordPress websites